Do I need to install anything?


What are the rewards?


Is there a leaderboard?


When will it run?

When you have a tab of QuestionCove open.

Will it work with more then one tab?

It will only run on a single tab a time.

Will it run without my permission?


Can I run multiple instances of it on the same account?

Yes, however it would need to be on different devices.

Can I mine with my phone?

Techincally yes, but we have that disabled.

Why are you doing this?

So we can keep QC afloat. We don't have advertisents, so this is a alternative.

Is it safe?

Typically, yes.

My antivirus says that something malicious is trying to run?

It's a false positive, you'll need to whitelist it in order to mine.

What currency are you mining?


What CPU level do you recommend to set it at?

Around 60% (or lower) to prevent system instability issues.

What does session mean?

For the duration your on that page, or until the page is reloaded.

Will my power bill go up?

Yes, especially if you leave it running for extended periods of time.

Can this cause damage to my CPU?

Yes, mining at higher percentages will most likely cause your CPU lifespan to be shortened, especially if mining for a extended period of time.

How accurate is the CPU percentage bar?

It really depends, typically however you'll probably see your CPU spiking about 10% above where you set it.

Where can I learn more?