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MIT 6.00 Intro Computer Science (OCW)
OpenStudy (anonymous):

and, Maths for comp science

OpenStudy (shadowfiend):

Any particular issues you want help with? Calculus or something else?

OpenStudy (shadowfiend):

Hm. Yes, I agree that the `solution' isn't particularly satisfying. But, we can think about it a bit more. The only thing we've really concluded is that if the quiz isn't on Monday, it must be on one of the subsequent four days. But even with the given reasoning, we don't actually know if the professor will pick one of the following four days, thus still making it a surprise. It's a remarkably well-reasoned argument that doesn't speak at all to the human psychology. Even though I've rejected Thursday because I rejected Friday, the professor never rejected Friday. In short, there are two situations: the professor has reached the same conclusion as I have (no day can be a surprise), therefore when he gives it it's a surprise, or he's reached the conclusion that any day can be a surprise, but because I don't think any day can be a surprise, it's still a surprise.

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