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The Basics

What is QuestionCove?

QuestionCove is a platform where users can help other users, as well as receive help on their homework. For more details, visit the About Us page.

When was QuestionCove Founded?

QuestionCove was founded on June 27th, 2016 with the Beta site launching a few months after.

What are the rules?

The Rules

Asking Questions

How do I ask a question?

At the top left of the page, there is a box that indicates "Ask a question"

What are the guidelines for asking questions?

Please try to keep your question education-focused. If you would like to have a casual conversation please use the chat boxes at the bottom instead. Also, please refrain from asking questions from graded quizzes or tests as this is a violation of our Anti-Cheating policy.

I posted a question but nobody has responded. What can I do?

Your first step should be to make sure your question has everything necessary for someone to be able to answer your question. For example, any relevant images, graphs, or data. The next step would be to post a link to your question in the chat (never post the question itself). If there is still no reply, tag users by posting @username on the question. Even if they may not be able to answer the question itself, they may know someone who can!

What subject should I post my question in?

Please try to find the most appropriate subject for your question. If you are in doubt please tag a moderator, explain the content of your question, and we will suggest a subject for you to post in.

I accidentally posted my question in the wrong subject!

No worries, you may tag a moderator and we will move it upon request. You may also close your question and repost it in the appropriate subject.

I can't post a question

Most likely you already have a question open in that subject. You can have one question open per subject at one time, so if you already have an open question it must be closed before posting a new one. If you are having trouble finding it, try switching to the subject the question is posted in, it should then appear in the "Ask a Question" box. If you are still having trouble's you can contact a moderator and we will assist.

Answering Questions

What are the guidelines for answering questions?

When answering a question, please try to stay on topic. Avoid giving the answer outright; please provide an explanation and help guide the user through explanations instead. Please avoid copy-pasting answers from other websites as this is plagiarism and reflects poorly on the site as a whole.

Is there a specific format I need to follow?

Besides the general rule of not giving direct answers, you may format your answer however you wish. For questions involving formulas or calculations, you may want to use LaTeX to make your work easier to read. In general, try to make your work logical and easy to follow.

What if I don't know how to answer a question?

Please try to avoid giving misleading information. If you are unsure of how to answer a question, you may simply tell the asker you are unsure of how to solve the question. You may try tagging another user if they are willing and able to help.


What is a SmartScore?

A SmartScore is a number assigned to each user. It is meant to represent your activity and contributions towards the site. Each user starts off as level 0 and can reach a maximum of 100.

Is it possible to reach 100 SmartScore?

Yes, however only one person can be 100 at a time, so you would have to pass them in points in order to become 100.

Why is there only one level 100 user?

The person with the highest overall SmartScore points is assigned 100SS.

How do I increase my SmartScore?

By doing just about anything on the site. Most things will lead to your SmartScore going up, however depending on how productive it is usually measures how much you receive. Note: Certain behaviors such as medal-spamming, spamming the chat, and posting spam questions, are not acceptable ways to increase your SmartScore. If you engage in these behaviors you are subject to being suspended and your SmartScore will be lowered accordingly.

Why do users sometimes appear out of order?

Sometimes lower-SS users may appear above higher-SS users. There are a few reasons for this: for one, it may be a glitch. It usually happens when the server and client fall out of sync, so the server sends a user at a position that from the clients perspective is incorrect. However, it can also be because some users have had SmartScore points transferred from OpenStudy.


What are StarCoins?

StarCoins are currency that you can obtain by helping users in a subject.

What can I do with StarCoins?

Currently, you can use StarCoins only to purchase group titles. Group titles show how much you've helped in a subject.

Chat Boxes

Why are there chatboxes at the bottom of the page?

That chat boxes allow students to also communicate in a non-curricular way. Students may to talk to each other and get better acquainted.

What are the rules regarding the chatboxes?

Like other areas on the site, the chatbox is subject to our rules. All forms of media posted there are subject to our rules regarding foul language and other inappropriate content.

How do I insert files into the chat?

For images, [img]URL[/img]. You can also drag the image file to the chatbox, or copy+paste it from the browser. Drag+drop also works for audio files, or alternatively [audio]URL[/audio].

How many chatboxes are there?

By default there are two chats: an "All Subjects" chat and a "Mathematics" chat. Subscribers can create their own custom group chats and can invite other users to join them.

I am a subscriber. How do I add someone to my chat?

If you go to the menu, you will see a button called "Group Chat", there you will be able to add/remove users, change the chat's name, add emojis, or even customize the look of it. However, we recommend asking users if they would like to be added before adding them.

I would like to like to leave a chat. How do I do that?

Press the x at the top right of the chat box. By default you cannot exit the All Subjects and Mathematics chat. However, you may press the yin/yang button at the top right to hide the chat.


What are moderators?

Moderators are users who help supervise the site. They have various responsibilities around the site, such as filtering out inappropriate content, responding to user reports, and taking moderating actions.

Who are the moderators?

The current moderator list can be found here. Moderators will be designated by [this color] and have the designation "Moderator".

How do I contact a moderator?

You may send a private message if you need to speak to a moderator on a one-on-one basis. If you see inappropriate content or behavior, please send in a report.

How are moderators chosen?

Moderators are chosen by the site staff from the user base as needed. There is no application process; rather, we are on the lookout for active users who show excellent behavior and maturity.

Can I be a moderator?

Typically, if you're asking, no. However if you are mature and are helpful to the site, we (the team) will reach out to you with the offer of becoming one. Asking will typically lower your chances of becoming one, so please try to avoid asking.

How can I increase my chances of becoming a moderator?

In general, try to show sustained interest in the site, follow the rules, and be civil towards other users. Although not completely necessary, it also helps to be knowledgeable in an academic subject and help out on a regular basis.

I feel like I was wrongfully suspended, what can I do?

Do not create a alternative account to bypass, instead email us at


What is the diamond SmartScore indicator mean?

It means that person has Subscribed.

How can I support QuestionCove?

Asking and answering questions helps a lot, but if you feel you want to do something more then feel free to donate to us, or subscribe to the site using the menu. You'll be given various additional features as a result.

What are the benefits of subscribing?

Currently, the benefits of subscribing is a higher file upload size limit, a Diamond SmartScore Indicator, a powerful Theme Creator, custom Group Chats, and a custom Designation for your user.

How much does it cost?

5$ per month.

How do I subscribe?

If you go to the menu, there will be a button called "Subscribe," it will bring up a dialog box that lists the benefits of subscribing, as well as a button that will forward you to paypal to complete the transaction.

How do I pause or cancel my subscription?

At this time there is no native way to unsubscribe, however in the "Subscribe" menu, there is a button labeled "Unsubscribe" that will forward you to the page on paypal that will allow you to unsubscribe.

Will canceling my subscription instantly end my subscription?

No, it will continue until the date the next payment would have occured.


What is LaTeX/MathML?

LaTeX/MathML is a markup language for interpreting mathematics on the internet.

How do I learn LaTeX?

Here are some tutorials for you to learn LaTeX. If you have any questions regarding the language, or just want to practice, visit the LaTeX Practicing section here.


How do I verify my account?

An email will be sent to the address you used to sign up. It will contain a link you can use to verify your account.

I didn't receive my verification email.

Please check your spam folder. If it is not there either, check to make sure you registered under the correct email address and click resend email as needed. If that does not work also, please contact @Ultrilliam.


How do I message someone?

Hover/Tap the person's username and click the "Send message" button. Alternatively, you can use the messages page to send and receive messages.

Can I send images?

You can send images by using the bbcode img tag ([img]url[/img]). Another way would be to go to the messages page, where there is a upload button. The messages page also supports the drag+drop and copy+paste functionality.

How do I block someone?

Hover/Tap the person's username and click the "Block user" button.

How do I contact someone if I have been blocked?

Please do not try to contact someone if they do not wish to be contacted, as this may cross the boundary into harassment.


What are medals?

Medals are something you can receive from your efforts in helping users on QuestionCove. By clicking the best response button on a question, you are giving that person a medal.

What are fans?

Fans are a little like "friends" on Facebook, except it isn't on a request system.

How to stop receiving notifications from a question?

At this time you currently can't. This may change in the future, however.

Can we change our usernames?

Not at this time, unfortunately.

Who is Aeon?

Aeon is a chat AI created to chat with users.

What social media do you have?

Discord, Twitter, Facebook

Technical Issues

I can't change my profile picture.

You will be unable to change your Profile Picture before verifying your email. If you are still having troubles changing your Profile Picture, try another image.

My issue is not listed here.

Either email or contact @Ultrilliam on the site itself.