QuestionCove is a site dedicated to education.

What is our mission?

QuestionCove was founded on the principle that students could teach each other. A student that was exceptional in Mathematics but did poorly in English could get help in that area and help others in the area in which they excelled. QuestionCove wishes to achieve this mission as a social education platform with a live peer to peer environment where students can get real help, in real time, from fellow peers. Together, one student at a time, we hope to tutor the world.

Who's the team?


These are the users who formed the plan, brought the team together, and played a big hand in QuestionCove's existence:

Development Team:

These users help around with developing the site, be it designing something, editing a document, or coding:

Moderators Team:

These users spend time helping the community grow, and keeping it a safe place for students to learn:

Some of our team chose to remain anonymous.