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Use the 5-steps for problem solving show all work. Jimmy is having speaker wire run in his family room. To install the wire, one company charges $85 plus $0.20 per foot of wire used. If Jimmy needs the cost of installation to remain below $95, how many feet of wire can he have installed?

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the company charges 85 dollars fee for showing up and 20 cents per foot so if jimmy's budget is 95 dollars, it means that he has 10 dollars to spare for the wiring itself. each foot of wiring costs 20 cents. so he gets 5 feet of wiring for 1 dollar so he gets 50 feet of wiring for 10 dollars. since he wants the cost to be less than 95 dollars, he has to install less than 50 feet of wiring.

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can you write it in an equation for me?

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