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Computer Science
OpenStudy (anonymous):

All trailing zeros in a list-of-digits can be removed without changing the number it represents. Write a function lod-clean that removes trailing zeros from a list-of-digits. this is to be done using scheme @Computer Science

7 years ago
OpenStudy (anonymous):

such that (lod-clean (list 1 2 3 4 0 0 0)) => (list 1 2 3 4) (lod-clean (list 0 0 0))=> empty (lod-clean (list 5 5 0 5)) => (list 5 5 0 5)

7 years ago
OpenStudy (anonymous):

How to really use scheme escapes me at the moment, I'm out of practice with it, but if I remember correctly, the solution to this problem should be something as follows: 1. Recursively go to the end of the list. (until cddr is null or empty) 2. Check if cadr is a zero. 3. If cadr is different from zero, put it together with the rest of the list using (cons ..) or another way of putting lists together. Throw it away otherwise. 4. Return fully assembled list. I'll try to come up with the actual function, but don't trust me on it, since I don't have Scheme on this machine, and it's been long since I last used it. Good luck.

7 years ago
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