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OpenStudy (anonymous):

Which of the following imaginary numbers is simplified INCORRECTLY? Answer A. i42 = -1 B. i17 = i C. i56 = -1 D. i43 = -i

OpenStudy (anonymous):

Do you mean i^n. Hmm I came out with a general formula. To justify between -1 and 1, you may use this formula: \[i^{2n}\] if n=1,3,5,7,..., then the answer would be -1. if n=2,4,6,8,...,then the answer would be 1. To justify between i or -i, use this formula: \[i^{2n-1}\] if n=1,3,5,7,....,then the answer would be i. if n=2,4,6,8,...,then the answer would be -i. as an example, we take the 1st choice. they want us to justtify whether i^42 is equal to -1. since -1 is involved, we choose the formula \[i^{2n}\] so just let 2n=42, we get n=21 which belongs to the situation n=1,3,5,... therefore the answer for i^42 is 1, which is correct. use this concept and you will be able to judege which is incorrect.

OpenStudy (anonymous):

the answer for 1st choice should be -1. typo. For choice B, we need to justify whether i^17 is equal to i. since i is involved we use the formula i^(2n-1). so just let 2n-1=17, we get n=9 whereby n belongs to n=1,3,5,9,.. this group therefore we can conclude that i is the answer for i^17.

OpenStudy (kropot72):

None of the given choice is correct. The reason being that none of the imaginary numbers given can be simplified.

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