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OpenStudy (anonymous):

What challenges does the United Nations face in protecting human rights?

OpenStudy (anonymous):

It depends on which countries' human rights are violated. It appear great on paper but the U.S or U.N does not enforces human rights rules everywhere. A lot of times human rights are just ignored. Who is going to file a grievance, it has to be someone with influence, in many of the poor countries people can not read or write, and do not even know it existed. Every countries has some human rights abuses, some are more powerful and can hide their activities, it is the poor countries that can not hide if someone reports him, the stronger country can hide their activities, the victims get moved and can not be question. Not every victim can get a trial, if the Americans are quilty, who can bring them to trial. The United Nation is just 10 % of the countries and they are not likely to be put on trial. The balance of power is very lopsided in the world, the strongest will never be put to trial, only the weak will be put to trial and likely convicted and punished. Does this answer your question?

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