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OpenStudy (anonymous):

LATIN help I am completely confused with these... anyone able to help? a. amabam b. amo c. mandabas d. mandas e. pugnabat f. pugnat 1. You kept entrusting 2. He was fighting 3. I used to love 4. You entrust 5. He does fight. 6. amo And yes its a matching... I'm just so confused.

4 years ago
OpenStudy (vincent-lyon.fr):

There are only 3 roots : one for love, one for fight, one for entrust. Your dictionary should tell you which is which. Similarly, love is always used in the first person singular entrust in the second fight in the third. So the only thing left in to distinguish present and imperfect. Imperfect has longer endings with a 'b' in it.

4 years ago
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