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How does a survivorship curve help to explain the reproductive strategy of a species? Define two of the three types of survivorship curves, and explain the influence of reproductive strategy on that curve. Give an example of an animal that would have the type of curve you are describing. In your answer: explain the relationship between the survivorship curve and a species’ reproductive strategydefine and give an example of one type of survivorship curve, the relative number of offspring, and the level of parental care - define and give an example of a second type of survivorship curve,

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There are two types of reproductive strategies: r and k r- strategy is the type of organism that makes ALOT of babies. They have limited to no parent care. They also have a high death rate, but matures rapidly. The growth curve would be exponential like X^2. Think r for RATS because even if you think you killed all the rats, there are constantly making more. They even survived the nuclear bomb. LOL k-strategy is the type of organism that makes a single or few babies. The give alot of attention/parent care. They mature slow, and low death rate. The growth curve is sigmuodial (I think I spelled that right). The have a limited to how much species live in that environment called the carrying capacity. Carrying capacity = maximum of # of population within an environment (food, living space, etc). Think K for Kangaroo. Momma gotta take care of her baby :) - Studying to become a doctor-

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