OpenStudy (moses238):

Will Give Medal If a simple machine reduces the strength of a force, what must be increased? A. the distance that the force moves B. the work the simple machine performs C. the speed of the input force D. the size of the simple machine I think A

3 years ago
OpenStudy (anonymous):

I think its A

3 years ago
OpenStudy (matt101):

A is correct. Simple machines help you do work. Work is given by the amount of force times distance over which it is applied (W=Fd). Simple machines are great because they reduce the amount of FORCE you need to use to accomplish the same task, making it easier on you. However, they must output the same amount of WORK in order to accomplish this task, so by W=Fd, the d must increase if F decreases in order for W to stay the same!

3 years ago
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