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Read the quotation below. Then, determine the definition of servitude and list three context clues which contribute to the definition. ". . . he (the horse) was suddenly reduced to painful servitude to pass his life under the harness and the curb, amid, perhaps, the din and dust and drudgery of cities."

1 year ago

to determine what the definition of a word is by its context, we can start by looking at the general tone of the sentence and then try to hone in on a specific meaning notice the words "painful, din, drudgery" and "pass his life" which suggests that servitude means something negative that lasts a long time notice the phrase "under the harness" where harness is something used to restrain an animal with that being said can you try writing a definition of servitude using your own words? try not to look at a dictionary unless you are very stumped

1 year ago
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