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Shawn and Ellie are construction workers. Shawn can complete a concrete job in 4 hours, while Ellie can complete it in 6 hours. The foreman says that it will take them 5 hours to complete it if they work together. Explain each step in solving this equation, and determine if the foreman is correct or not.

9 months ago

The foreman is incorrect. If one person can finish the job alone in 4 hours then working together the job must be done faster than that To do the proper calculation let x be the number of hours Shawn does 1/4 of the job per hour so his contribution is (1/4)x Same reasoning for Ellie’s being (1/6)x Adding them together to complete 1 full job (1/4)x + (1/6)x = 1 Solve for x

9 months ago
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