After years of overhunting, environmental scientists have reintroduced wolverines to Yellowstone National Park. The initial number of wolverines reintroduced to the park was 88 and, after 5 years, the population is estimated to be around 578. Assuming an exponential growth pattern, what is the annual growth rate (rounded to the nearest tenth of a percent) of the new wolverine population in Yellowstone National Park? Hint: A(t) = A0(1 + r)t, where A(t) is the final amount, A0 is the initial amount, r is the growth rate expressed as a decimal amount, and t is time.

5 months ago

A(t) = A0(1+r)^t be careful with the exponent A0 = initial population A(t) = the population after five years t = time = five years Solve for r

5 months ago
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