Summary For Nights and Dragons, what i have so far is "Ever since Abigail Prynne was a little girl she had been fascinated by dragons. One day she set out to prove their existence real or myth. Many scientist gave her convincing logic for why they couldn't exist. She almost abandoned hope yet her grandmothers words gave her a fresh air of motivation. She started looking elsewhere and found evidence proving they may after all existed. In the end she never found out which case was true, but believing them kept her childhood dream alive." but somehow i have to make ^that fit into these guidelines (Write a well developed paragraph of 7 or more sentences. In your first sentence, mention the author, title of the text, and main idea of the entire text. Then write one sentence for each section of the text, recapping the main idea. End by restating the main idea.) if you have any suggestion or sentences just like, throw em at me also this is the story

2 months ago
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