respectful, irreverent rapid and powerful absurd, unreasonable coarse and uncivilized But the waves continued their old impetuous swooping at the dinghy, and the little craft, no longer under way, struggled woundily over them. Many a man ought to have a bathtub larger than the boat which here rode upon the sea. These waves were most wrongfully and barbarously abrupt and tall, and each froth-top was a problem in small-boat navigation. "Holy smoke!" said one, allowing his voice to express his impious mood, "if we keep on monkeying out here! If we've got to flounder out here all night!" It is preposterous. If this old ninny-woman, Fate, cannot do better than this, she should be deprived of the management of men's fortunes. She is an old hen who knows not her intention.

2 months ago
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