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PLEASE HELPPP!!! Ok so I have to do a 7 page research/ argumentative paper in English and I'm struggling to figure out what to write about. I have to pick a book/story that we have read this year and write about one of the common themes, without mentioning the book. One of my classmates is doing theirs on arranged marriages for romeo and juliet just to give you an idea. We have read The Odyssey, Romeo and Juliet, A Sound of Thunder, My Forbidden Face, Nethergrave, My Brothers Keeper and a few books about crossing borders. I want a strong paper, but i don't want to write about something super controversial, such as topics in the odyssey and romeo and juliet. I was going to do fate vs. free will, but there isn't enough solid evidence in it to have my full 7 pages. thanks in advance :)

3 months ago

Which book do you know well than the others?

3 months ago
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