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Greg wants to rent a small tractor. He is trying to decide which rental company to use. Each company figures the cost on the number of hours the tractor is rented plus a delivery fee. For both companies, c represents the cost and t represents the time, in hours, of the rental. Lone Star Rentals: mc028-1.jpg Canyon Farm Rentals: mc028-2.jpg For how many hours of rental will the costs of both rental companies be equal?


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I found these equations (please correct me if these are different in your problem) Lone Star Rentals: C = 5t + 35 Canyon Farm Rentals: C = 4t + 40 since it wants the hours when both companies are equal, simply set these equations equal to each other and solve for t here are the choices, just so we have them: A. 2 B. 3 C. 4 D. 5