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How do I fix my phone alarm to work?


It's different for each phone, but there should be an app


What phone do u have


android or iphone ?


Guys lets help the user out, they're having trouble with their alarm. I would say for me what I would normally do is click on the bell that has a line on it that would remove the line and then make sure all of my volumes are turned up


Restart the phone Before you try anything else, simply restart your phone. While it sounds simple, restarting your phone has been confirmed to fix lots of software-related issues. But the horrible part is that most people don't bother restarting their phones, even for months. Now that your phone's alarm is not working, restarting your phone could help fix it. To force restart your phone, simply hold down the Power button for about 10 seconds. Meanwhile, you can also restart your phone by holding down the Power button to show the power menu, then tap/swipe Restart from there. Turn up the alarm volume One thing about using the alarm app on your phone is that you can customize it to suit your needs - you can adjust the ring volume, or customize the alarm sound as you wish. At the same time, you could miss your alarms if you had mistakenly turned down the ring volume or assigned a poor alarm sound. If the phone alarm is not working, simply go to the sound settings on your phone to cross-check, increase the volume, and assign a good, audible sound for the alarm. Here's how to do so: Open the Settings app on your phone, then click on You'll see volume sliders for Media, Call, Alarm, and Ring. Slide the Alarm volume to the right until you hear an audible sound that's loud enough to wake you up from your slumber. If the alarm sound you heard doesn't sound too good, scroll down a bit and click on Default Alarm sound. Select your preferred alarm sound and tap ok. Check Do Not Disturb Likewise cranking up the volume of your alarm sound, also check Do Not Disturb mode. Do Not Disturb, DND is a nifty feature on Android that helps you get rid of unwanted notifications and help you stay focused for a specific amount of time. Nonetheless, your phone's alarm might not work properly if you're not using the right DND settings. Follow the guides below to whitelist your alarms from DND's restrictions. Open the Settings app on your phone and click on Hit Do Not Disturb from there. If you couldn't find it there, go back to the Settings page, tap Notifications, followed by Do Not Disturb. After that, click on See all exceptions to view all functions/apps permitted or declined to post notifications when DND is on. You'll see various DND exceptions, make sure "Allow alarms" is turned on, or do it yourself. Check the Clock app notification settings. One feature you enjoy on Android is the ability to control how your notifications react. You can choose to make them come silently, with sound, or turn them off completely. In the same way, you might have mistakenly turned off or silenced the Clock app on your phone, causing you to miss your alarms. Follow the steps below to check and re-enable notifications for your clock app. Open the Settings app on your phone, then click on Apps & notifications. From there, click on App info, or another option to view all apps. Locate and open Clock on the apps list. Click on Here, you'll see all the notification channels for the Clock app. Ensure "Show notifications" is turned on. You can also go through the notification channels to see if they're set to make sounds. Clear cache data for the Clock app As reported by many Android users who had also faced problems with alarm on their phones, clearing cache and data of the Clock app could help you fix the malfunctioning alarm on your phone. Although you'll lose your current alarms and alarm settings, it's worth trying. To ensure you don't forget any deleted alarm after the operation, quickly take a screenshot of your current alarms, then follow the steps below to clear cache and data for the clock app. Follow the steps mentioned in the last solution to get the Clock's App info (Settings > Apps & notifications > App info > Clock). Click on Storage & cache. You'll find the options to clear cache, app data. You'll also see the amount of storage occupied by the Clock app. Click on Clear cache to erase the cached data, then tap on Clear storage. Now set a new alarm to see if it works. Update the Clock/Alarm app Depending on what Android phone brand you're using, your OEM may choose to roll out regular updates for some system apps via the Google Play Store. If phone alarm not working happens to you , then you should check and update the Clock app. Open Play Store on your phone. Tap the hamburger icon in the top-left corner of the screen to reveal the store menu. Now click on my apps & games and wait for few moments to fetch available app updates. If you find your Clock/Alarm app on the list, you should update it from there. Better still, you may try another alarm app. Use another alarm app Trying the solutions above should be enough to fix your phone alarm not working. But, if by any chance, it doesn't fix it, you can try another clock or alarm app. There are numerous apps on the Play Store that does basically what your local clock app does. If you want all the functions on your system Clock app, we recommend you download the Google Clock app for replacement. You can also try other alarm apps like Alarm, Shake-it Alarm, Alarmmon, etc. Meanwhile, setting up a new clock/alarm app on your phone requires some other works like removing the app from the battery optimization list, pinning it to the task manager, adding it to auto start list, etc. Ensure to check these settings individually after installing a new Clock app on your phone. Update the phone system When did you last updated your Android phone? Have you been swiping away the "System Update available" notification ever since you got your phone? It's time to update your phone to the latest version now that some of its functions are not working properly. System updates are sent regularly to address system bugs, update security, patch, improve performance, etc. To update your phone, go to Settings > System > System Update and follow the on-screen instructions to completely check and update your phone. Reset App Preferences If updating your phone still doesn't fix the alarm app, it's time you go ahead and reset all app preferences. Why it looks a bit scary to reset your phone, resetting app preferences won't delete your data. It just restores all app preferences for disabled apps, notifications, permissions, background data restrictions, etc. Launch Settings on your phone, then scroll to the bottom and click Click on Reset options. Finally, carefully tap on Reset app preferences. Confirm the selection, then tap Reset Apps to restore your default app settings. Find the official service center If nothing works, there's much to the problem than you think. The last thing we recommend you do is to visit the service center and let a certified technician look into the problem for you. Fortunately, if you use a TECNO, Infinix, or itel phone, we've got a piece of good news for you. Carlcare is the official after-sales service provider for these brands, We can help you fix any software or hardware-related issues like your current Alarm Clock misbehaving. Visit the nearest Carlcare service center near you for a quick checkup and fixing.

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