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Can someone help me solve this: Solve for the inequality for x, graph your solution on the number line: 3/5x-(x+2)>-2

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Meosha, 3/5x+(-1)(x+2)>-2 works out to 3/5x -x -2>-2 now add -2 to both sides 3/5x-x-2+2>-2+2 leaves 3/5x-x>0 now (3/5)x +(-1)(x)>0 which can also be written as (3/5)x +(-5/5)x>0 which is (-2/5)x>0 if you multiply both sides by (5/2) it should leave -x>0 or x<0. I believe a negative flips the sign to greater than - not sure, Don't rely on the answer - maybe it can jog your memory

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sorry add a +2 both sides

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