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how to send email a html template in a news letter plz tell me

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ust save it to your hard drive and sign on to your email and attach it it should send.

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HUH? HTML IN E-MAIL - WHAT'S THAT? Unfortunately, today some of the common e-mail clients are provided to the customer with a "rich text" setting (also known as "styled" or "stylized text", or "formatted text") turned on - instead of providing the user with a Plain Text setting and leaving it to the user to turn on a styled text feature if they want it, as an active and informed choice by the user. As a result, many users have no idea that this feature is turned on in their e-mail client, and no understanding of what this does with their outgoing mail, and the problems that this feature may cause. It's important to understand that when this text formatting is turned on, this means that the text one writes in an e-mail message is embedded in HTML code. The HTML code is what provides the formatting (or "stylization", such as fancy font types, colored text etc.) of the text in the E-mail message, in pretty much the same way that HTML code provides the layout of the text on a web page. Unfortunately, while HTML code works well (usually) on a web page when viewed with a web browser, it works really poor in E-mail, causing many problems. Therefore it's generally a bad idea to use HTML code in E-mail. WHY IS HTML IN E-MAIL A BAD IDEA? The virus danger. Some viruses use Javascript/VBScript and thus can propagate via HTML mail (which can contain Javascripts and VBS-scripts). By using plain text you are reducing the virus risk for yourself and your friends. Some E-mail clients display HTML-code in E-mail as HTML-code, and not as "stylized text". This is annoying and unreadable. HTML-encoded postings may be mangled when they are distributed via listserver software. If you post to a group of people, try to be readable to the whole group. Messages addressed to and containing commands to a list server or other type of robot that are embedded in HTML code will usually not be recognized by the robot, and thus the commands will not be executed by the robot. This causes annoyance and extra work both for you and the list administrators. A posting with HTML-coded (stylized) text is 4-5 times as big as the same posting in plain text - this adds up to a big increase in disk usage, and in download time for such postings. As pay-per-volume is getting more and more common, this is not only a waste of time, but also of money. Also, many people still use modems, and are then slowed even more down by all the HTML code. Contribute to a faster, less expensive Internet by using plain text. Stylized text looks different in various E-Mail programs, different computer systems, and different word processing programs, whose files and formats are often not fully compatible with each other. Any of these can cause trouble with attachments, which are displayed differently. In some cases, the message may come through as nothing but garbled text. Plain text, on the other hand, works everywhere and looks pretty much the same everywhere. Microsoft uses non-standard HTML that deviates from the HTML standard and thus doesn't work properly on other platforms like Mac, Linux/Unix, Lotus Notes etc. Choose a text format that works for as many people, platforms, applications and clients as possible. The colors in HTML e-mail work poorly with many non-PC computer screens or work stations. It's up to the receiver, not the sender, to decide such things as font types and sizes, text colors and background colors (if any) in their E-mail. For the receiver, HTML E-mail (even when it works as the sender intended) is like a TV without color- and contrast adjustment buttons. That's not progress, it's the opposite. There is no simple, standardized way to translate a HTML-encoded e-mail message into braille, or into a reading-aloud device. Thus, the blind and the weak-sighted are excluded from enjoying a posting that is embedded in HTML code. Use plain text to include them. Some spammers use a picture reference to a server to determine whether the addresses they have snooped are actually working (a "web bug" (see link to the Web Bug FAQ from the reference section below) that may be hidden in HTML code in E-mail). Disable this possibility by only using and allowing plain text. Many command line interface (CLI) e-mail clients have problems with HTML e-mail. (CLI applications are usually small, fast and standardized, used on slow connections (e.g., remote login, PDAs, cell phones etc.) or just whenever you want to read something fast. HTML-encoded E-mail slows everything down and may screw up your display.). Most spam and other junk mail is HTML-encoded mail. Therefore, increasingly people who filter their E-mail choose to set up filter rules that screen out HTML-encoded E-mail. Thus, by sending HTML-encoded messages, you lose these readers. Since people who filter their E-mail are usually experienced or sophisticated users, this may be a significant loss, especially if you seek well-informed responses to your messages. (You could argue that these people ought to just strip the HTML from their incoming mail (see the section about this below) and keep the plain text part, rather than delete the whole message, but these people often feel swamped by all the E-mail they receive, and may therefore take drastic or overkill measures to eliminate wasteful E-mail from their mailboxes.) Each of the above reasons alone is a sufficient reason for avoiding HTML in E-mail! The conclusion is clear: Use plain text whenever you can - and you almost always can. Basically, HTML belongs on web pages, and e-mail isn't web pages. HTML in E-mail isn't an industrial standard (plain text is).

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