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OpenStudy (anonymous):

One difference between the pharynx and the larynx is that A. the pharynx is above the epiglottis and the larynx is below it. B. only air passes through the pharynx, but both air and food pass through the larynx. C. the pharynx contains the vocal cords, the larynx does not. D. the pharynx directly connects to the bronchi, the larynx is part of the trachea.

OpenStudy (lanre):

None of the above. Because A) epiglottis is the pharynx and not above, in front of larynx and not below. B) only air passes through the two. C) it is the larynx that contain vocal cords and not pharynx. D) pharynx connects mouth with larynx and not directly to bronchi, larynx is not part of trachea it is separate.

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