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what is static charge?

OpenStudy (jamesj):

static charge is the net electric charge on an object: you, your cat, the door handle, your comb. You notice it most in daily life when you get little sparks that fly between you and all these objects, or when hair stands on end in response to another object such as your hand or a comb.

OpenStudy (anonymous):

static charge is the net or total build up of electrons on everyday objects.

OpenStudy (anonymous):

It is the build up of charge accumulated from electrons in the earth or some other source. When you rub a balloon, you are making the balloon positively charged (more electrons in the balloon). When you put it up to your hair, it may stick straight up due to the attraction between your negatively charged hair and the positively charged balloon.

OpenStudy (anonymous):

static charge means the charge which is at rest .... as static means stationary ...

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