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OpenStudy (anonymous):

How do I find the common ratio of the sequence. –80, –40, –20, –10, . . .

Parth (parthkohli):

The current term over the previous term is the common ratio.

Parth (parthkohli):

\(\Large \color{MidnightBlue}{\Rightarrow r = {r_n \over r_{n - 1}} }\)

OpenStudy (savvy):

in a GP, the first term is 'a' 2nd term is 'ar' 3rd term is 'a(r^2)' and so on....nth term is a[(r)^(n-1)]...... so clearly any term divided by its previous term wud give you the value of 'r'...r is the common ratio...

Parth (parthkohli):

And I meant an not rn

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