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52%of men coonsider themselves professional baseball fans, you randomly select 10 amd ask if he consider himself a professional baseball fan find the proabability that the number who consider themself fans is (a) eight, (b) at least eight (c)less than eight if convient use techology to find the probability

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this the same question

OpenStudy (anonymous):

Can you reword it a little better I have trouble understanding the typing.

OpenStudy (anonymous):

thats the way it is on the h/work paper

OpenStudy (kropot72):

Each man has a probability of 0.52 of being a fan. Probability of 8 men out of the sample of 10 men being fans is\[0.52^{8}\] Probability of at least 8 being fans is\[0.52^{8}+0.52^{9}+0.52^{10}\] Probability of fewer than 8 being fans is \[0.52+0.52^{2}+0.52^{3}+0.52^{4}+0.52^{5}+0.52^{6}+0.52^{7}\]

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