OpenStudy (this):

Who created OpenStudy?

OpenStudy (anonymous):

@this Perhaps you can find what you're looking for here on the 'About Us' page -

OpenStudy (this):

thanks @dpflan u were the one who create diz page aww thanks again u all r the best :)

OpenStudy (anonymous):

@this I have to divert your gratitude towards @shadowfiend @mattfeury @farmdawgnation on development, @darthsid on design, @chris @ashwinram @Preetha on the vision @cshalvey on curating the community, Min-Hee on keeping things in check, Austin on figuring out how to get people interested and whom to get interested, Jon B. on hustling/evangelizing, and then everyone else before who made an impact and moved on. They have been fundamental in the creation and continued growth of OpenStudy. I've been lucky to work with these people.

OpenStudy (shadowfiend):

Thanks for the props dpflan, but you sell yourself short ;) If nothing else, SmartScore was ultimately researched by Dan up there, and he's working on some top secret projects that could bear great fruit. Way to be classy there, btw, Hero.

jaynator495 (jaynator495):

hey.. .is it wierd i tried to make a username of this and stumbled upon this in the same day? @TheSmartOne

thesmartone (thesmartone):

lol, maybe :P