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mr wong left his house and drove north for 5 blocks, then turned right and drove 6 blocks , then turned south and drove 2 more blocks. finally, he turned right again and drove one block to end up at the library. how many blocks east of mr wong house is the library

6 years ago
Directrix (directrix):

Mr Wong drove 5N, 6E, 2S, and 1E. Putting that together, he ended up at the same place as if he had driven (5N + 2S) = 3N and also (6E + 1 E) = 7E. Draw a right triangle with legs of length 3 and 7 and calculate the length of the hypotenuse. As the crow flies, that is how far Mr Wong is from his house when he goes to the library. I don't know if that will help in finding the number of blocks east Mr Wong is from his house.

6 years ago
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yeah draw a picture and this is easy

6 years ago
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