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Within 10 minutes 40 medals within 20 minutes 25 medals within 30 minutes 5 30-40 minutes, only 1 medal

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I'll go into, your profile->questions answered-->Best response. 1. In "On my First Son" why does the speaker define the child’s state as enviable. The child will be reunited with god The child will never experience the hardships of life The child will always be remembered by his parents 2. What is the theme of "Song: to Celia" love as a delicate feeling love as a fleeting passion love as an immoral force (Stories are in quotation marks)

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Nope. im an american and i have freedom of speech

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Welcome to the private side of the internet, like a private business. Freedom of speech refers to the constitutional amendment that states that "Congress shall make no laws..." etc. No where in there does it actually say that a private organization can not filter things. Therefore, there actually is no freedom of speech on the Internet when it comes to random people posting what they want on a web site. For more on this, consult a lawyer, or learn a little bit from Harvard: "Because policies of this sort are neither mandated nor encouraged by the government, they would not, under conventional constitutional principles, constitute "state action" -- and thus would not be vulnerable to constitutional scrutiny." from For more information on what OpenStudy allows, and what you have agreed to through singing up, read the Code of Conduct: You should also read the ToS and PP. You have agreed to follow all these documents and it is really in your best interest to know what you have promised you will and will not do.