OpenStudy (anonymous):

Yo uso un secador para secarme el pelo, no una _____. A. toalla B. peine C. gel D. cepillo

OpenStudy (anonymous):

Sorry to be one of those guys but if you want to find the answer an easy way is to just go to and type your question in. I have it book marked and use it very often. Hope this helps!

OpenStudy (anonymous):

Yeah. Yeah you're one of those guys.

OpenStudy (lauluisa):

¿? why the flutter you guys give another website instead of helping her? e_e The answer is A. Toalla.

OpenStudy (esshotwired):

Translation including translation of answers are: I use a dryer to dry my hair, not a ___ A. towel B. comb C. gel D. brush

OpenStudy (charlotte123):

Thus - It would be Towel (Toalla)