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Identify the following as either a chemical property change of matter or a physical property change of matter by writing “chemical” or “physical” after the statement. (2 points each) 1. Yarn is knitted into a blanket. 2. A newspaper is burned. 3. An iron pipe in the backyard is rusting. 4. A frozen lake is melting. 5. Water on the stovetop is boiling and evaporating.

3 years ago
OpenStudy (matt101):

A physical change is just a change in the size, shape, or state of a compound. If something undergoes a physical change, it's still the same stuff after the change, just in a different form. A chemical change is a change that actually changes the compound you're looking at. In other words, a chemical reaction has occurred in which the products are different compounds from the reactants. Using this information, you should be able to figure out the type of change for each situation you listed!

3 years ago
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