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fan and medal Compare the costs and benefits of hydropower to that of geothermal power. (Please include two costs and two benefits.) i know this is not math but no one would help me in biogly

1 year ago
OpenStudy (13mysterious):

I looked it up for you, Hydropower - Benefits - Renewable energy and is environmentally friendly. Water is abundant in many areas (ex: Hoover Dam, Kurobe Dam in Japan). More easily accessible than geothermal power since geothermal power is obtained from beneath the ground. Costs - requires building of structures which can take a lot of resources, both time and money. Could be more susceptible to disasters as Dams are usually built on rivers or large bodies of water which would eventually affect nearby towns if a disaster does occur. Geothermal Power Benefits - renewable form of energy, environmentally friendly. Can be physically isolated to one area to minimize environmental disasters (most geothermal power plants are located in areas far away from towns or populated areas). Costs - feasibly, harnessing geothermal power is limited to areas of hot spots on the map (like Hawaii, volcanic activity, etc). Also it can be costly to produce technology to effectively use geothermal energy as a source of power.

1 year ago
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