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OpenStudy (calicorey1999):

Geographers seek to answer two key questions when they study the world: "where?" and "why there?" A geographer can study any process taking place in the world today by answering these questions. In a short paragraph, identify one of your interests (maybe it's sports, games, or another hobby). How could you answer geography's two key questions when studying this interest?

10 months ago
OpenStudy (harvey03):

Do something like skiing, for example. You would do this in snowy terrain, as these are the best conditions for it.

10 months ago
OpenStudy (osprey):

International Test Cricket, broadcast on UK BBC's radio, and presented by former test cricketer/bowler Jonathan Agnew is an object lesson in the geography etc of the country wherein the test match is being played. Thus, I learned recently that in the Punjab in India, you can see the foothills of the Himalayas ... suggesting that the P climate may not be the sub tropical of the Caribbean. It's my geography lesson every time there is a test match on (all too few now regrettably) @IrishBoy123

10 months ago
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