(Going Global LO 2 HC) Country GDP GDP per capita Luxembourg 55,096,000,000 108,921 United States 14,852,400,000,000 47,184 Spain 1,407,405,000,000 30,542 Mexico 1,039,662, 000,000 9,166 Source: World Bank (2010) Which of the following is a true statement based on the chart? Luxembourg must have the highest GDP per capita but a lower GDP because it has a lower population than the other countries. Spain is ranked third out of these four countries in both GDP and GDP per capita because it does not have a diverse economy. The chart has several mistakes in it because the country with the highest GDP should also have the highest GDP per capita. The United States has the highest GDP but not the highest GDP per capita because per capita means for the capital city of the country.

8 months ago
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