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Prompt Write a short script (15–20 lines) that creates an imagined scene between two or three characters. The scene should show a universal theme, such as "friends help and defend each other” or "fights can last a long time.” Be sure to set the mood of your scene by using stage directions to show how characters should interact with one another.

9 months ago

We cannot write all of this for you, so perhaps you can try to think of things related to this topic.

9 months ago

Ethan, 24, rings the doorbell of a house inside a gated community in the Midwest. Madison, 23, opens the door Madison You came. Josh I was in the neighborhood Madison (smiles) You're four hundred miles away Josh Three eighty nine Madison Come on in Josh Are you sure? Madison I'm alone. Home. alone. I mean... Josh Your parents? Madison They're busy preparing the wedding. Josh The wedding? You're getting married? Madison And I want you to be my best man. Josh Ok. You text me in the middle of the night about how you're going to make the biggest mistake in your life and now this? [ Madison Will you be the best man in my life? Josh (crushed) Yeah I'll be the best fool in your life. Madison Now your turn. Josh (incredulous) Will you be the best woman in my life? Madison mouthing "W-i-l-l y-o-u M...." Josh Marry me?? Madison You are the fool of my life. Yes, Josh I will marry you.

8 months ago
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