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Working together, Alex and Millie can file all the papers in the file cabinets in 4 hours. It would have taken Alex 6 hours to do the job alone. What is the missing value in the table that represents the part of the papers that Alex would file if Alex and Millie worked together?

3 months ago

any idea ?

3 months ago

old question but will attempt a solution so this can be closed if Alex takes 6 hours to do the job alone he does 1/6 of the job in 1 hour if Millie takes (x) hours to do the job alone she does 1/x of the job in 1 hour if they work together and take 4 hours then 1/6 + 1/x = 1/4 solve for x to solve for Millie's hourly rate once you have that, you can compare Alex's and Millie's rates to figure out how much of the total work Alex would do if they worked together

3 months ago
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