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1.)What role do primary and secondary circular reactions play in infant sensorimotor development? Illustrate with an example of each one using your own observations of infants. 2.)How can an understanding of object representation lead to the development of problem-solving skills? Illustrate with at least one example based on your own experiences.


I have no clue what to do


Should be in 'psychology' 1. This question has to do with the subsets of the Sensorimotor stage in Piaget's Stages of cognitive development. Here, object permanence, egocentrism, centration, conservation, and irreversibility are present amongst infants. Do you remember what neonates do in their primary and secondary circular reactions? Recall this has nothing to do with infant reflexes. In case you forgot, I suggest you view this: You can give an example of your own. 2. Neonates develop object permanence in their sensorimotor years. This means that they can know the presence of an object without it being readily available. This, of course, would improve problem-solving skills. For instance, just because you don't see the moon in the day doesn't mean it's gone forever, but neonates believe that it IS gone forever. In their sensorimotor stage, they figure out that actually, it is not necessarily gone forever. Now can you connect how this improves problem solving skills?


Thank you so much!!

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