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Computer Science

Please I need help!! Problem Set in Matlab Using loop, write a program that will ask the user to enter a character for left or right. Then, the user will enter a number. The program should generate a ladder of X wherein the level depends on the number entered and the character should dictate whether it faces right or left


What language are you looking for this to be in?




\(\color{#0cbb34}{\text{Originally Posted by}}\) @studyboo matlab! \(\color{#0cbb34}{\text{End of Quote}}\) I believe @imqwerty has MATLAB, so I'll link him here. I'll also link @DuarteME if he has it to.


pleasee thank you!


oh god, not matlab, but if you still need help when you see this, i may be of assitance


are you stuck with the syntax or with the algorithm?

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