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(08.03 MC)The dot plots below show the ages of students belonging to two groups of salsa classes: A dot plot shows two divisions labeled Group A and Group B. The horizontal axis is labeled as Age of Salsa Students in years. Group A shows 3 dots at 5, 4 dots at 10, 6 dots at 17, 4 dots at 24, and 3 dots at 28. Group B shows 6 dots at 7, 3 dots at 10, 4 dots at 14, 5 dots at 17, and 2 dots at 22. Based on visual inspection, which group most likely has a lower mean age of salsa students? Explain your answer using two or three sentences. Make sure to use facts to support your answer


The group that is most likely able to have a lower mean age of students is Group A. Looking at the graph data you have provided you can see that group A's students have a higher or older then students in Group B. Which means after you calculate the mean which would give you the ratio with the same denominator of 20 (because there is 20 students in the class) the numerator for group one would be higher then the numerator for group two because group ones students are older. Hope this helps.

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