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help please!

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If I am understing your question, see with me: Q. "What is a true statement about the mileage of any route from Portland to Tucson?" A.The true is that mileage is between 973miles (the shortest route) and 1129miles (the longest route); Q. "How many routes exist between Portland and Tucson?" A. I saw only 3 (three) Q. "What are they?" 1st: Portland>>Tucson (Direct) with 973miles; 2nd: Portland>>Las Vegas>>Tucson with 663+317=980 miles and 3rd: Portland>>San Diego>>Tucson with 810+319=1129 miles. Q. "Which route is the shortest?" A. The shortest route is the direct flight Portland>>Tucson with 973miles. Q. "Can you write an inequality that represents the mileage of any route from Portland to Tucson?" A. Yes, an inequality (where "x" is the statement): \[973 \le x \le 1129\]

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damn thanks lol

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