Nadia swims at a rate of 50 meters per minute. Create a function f, where f(n) gives the number of meters Nadia swims given the number of minutes she swims, n. Select the options to the empty boxes to correctly complete the equation for the function. f(n) = 50 ____ ____ f n + - ● ÷ Some time ago, Carmen put an initial deposit of $150 into an account. After his initial deposit, he added more money to his account every two weeks. The table shows the amount of money in Carmen's account starting with his initial deposit. Part A. How did the amount of money, f(w), in Carmen's account change every two weeks? Select from the drop-down menus to correctly complete the sentence about the money in Carmen's account. After Carmen's initial deposit, the amount of money his account _______________ increased or decreased at a _____________ varying or constant rate. Part B. Create the function f, where f(w) models the amount of money in Carmen's account given the number of weeks, w, after his initial deposit. f(w) = _______ ● w ________ _________ 40 80 150 450 + - ● ÷

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