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A genetics researcher finds that a form of human albinism in a certain population is controlled by the recessive allele, a, for the absence of skin pigment and the completely dominant allele, A, for presence of skin pigment. If the recessive allele occurs in 30% of this population, what percent of the population has skin pigment but also carries the recessive allele? 21 percent 42 percent 91 percent 51 percent

3 months ago

You must use the concept of the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, which is: Assuming that 1. Large population 2. Random Mating 3. No mutations 4. No migration 5. No natural selection p^2+2pq+q^2=1 wherein p+q=1 It is given that the recessive ALLELE is 30% in the population, q=0.3. We are asked to find 2pq. p would therefore be 1-q or 0.7. Now, you just have to do simple multiplication of 2(0.3)(0.7) and you would get 0.42, equivalent to 42 percent Option B

3 months ago
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