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This is something I wrote. It's just how I was feeling. "Wonder?" Sometimes I wonder… I wonder… whether or not if I was a mistake? I wonder… if I was meant to be a girl or boy? I wonder… do I deserve to be loved? I wonder.. will I ever be loved? I wonder … will I die alone? I wonder… does God love me? I wonder… how do people see me? I wonder... do they hate me? I wonder… if people would miss me? I wonder… if people only like me to get things from me? I wonder… if people notice my pain? I wonder… if people notice the fake smile? I wonder… if they notice the fake laugh? I wonder… if anyone wants to help? I wonder… if they’ll help me? I wonder… should I scream help I can’t live like this anymore? I wonder… if this pain will ever go away? I wonder… should I just give in to the pain? I wonder… if they already miss me? I wonder… if they’ve noticed how I’ve changed? I wonder… should I love myself? I wonder… am I loveable? I wonder… what I did to deserve so much pain? I wonder… if I’ll be left alone and broken again? I wonder… should I cry out help me? I WONDER...




I love you. <3


I love you too baby

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