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Social Studies

Pick the item in Column A that best matches an item in Column B ​ A B 1. phonological awareness 1. guessing game 2. alliteration 2. phonemes 3. hearing 3. onset 4. 41 to 44 4. c 5. initial consonant 5. word 6. auditory perception 6. a long ‘a’ sound 7. continuant 7. a consonant or vowel sound 8. rime 8. learned behavior 9. blend of phonemes 9. nerves and muscles 10. alphabet letter sound 10. bees buzz boys 11. reading words 11. age 3 12. listening skill 12. a process 13. a riddle 13. decoding sounds ​


Match the vocab words to Column B


So I won't do the whole thing but I can help you get started by doing a few terms. if you're unfamiliar with a term you should consult your notes or do some research on the internet. alliteration (the repetition of consonants at the beginning of words) --> matches best with bees buzz boys, as this exhibits repetition of the consonant b riddle: think of questions like "what gets wetter the more it dries" --> you would guess things until you get the right solution (a towel). therefore, this matches w/ guessing game and so on.

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