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OpenStudy Feedback
OpenStudy (waheguru):

I really think we need a Geography Group its been two months and there has been no reply?

OpenStudy (carniel):

This has already been talk about. A week ago someone said OS needs a Geography group. Shadowfiend has already confirmed that its in the making. They just have other things to do other than start it yet.

OpenStudy (anonymous):

Hey @waheguru - I absolutely deserve the brunt of your frustration on this one. Yes, we are working on other things, but I can assure you the Geography group is *imminent* - sorry again for the delay! I'll be sure to post here and notify you personally when it's up :)

OpenStudy (anonymous):

And an education group.

OpenStudy (shadowfiend):

Yep, we're waiting on one thing for the geography group.

OpenStudy (darthsid):

Yep, everyone's waiting on me. I have to create the icon for it. I'm open to "incentives"

OpenStudy (anonymous):

2 Hours of Free Play next Thursday?

OpenStudy (lgbasallote):

world map @darthsid ?

OpenStudy (shadowfiend): , folks.

OpenStudy (anonymous):

Boom! Tremble at the might that is Shadowfiend - the DIRECTOR of Engineering at OpenStudy!

OpenStudy (waheguru):

Thanks @cshalvey its amazing and you guys rock!!!

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