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I want to write a program in Python which computes and prints a table of Celsius temperatures and the Fahrenheit equivalents every 10 degrees from OC to lOOC. I spent a lot of time on it and prepared the following code: def main(): for i in range(0,11): celsius = i * 10 fehrenheit = ((9.0/5.0)*(celsius)) + 32 print celsius,"C is equal to", fehrenheit,"F" and it works. But I think I should have given a range of 0-100 instead right? I mean i manually found "every 10 degrees from OC to lOOC" but I should have let the program find it right? Please help..Its my first day with programming!

6 years ago
OpenStudy (noah):

Not sure what you are wanting but what you have is fine. It goes from 0 Celsius to 100 Celsius every 10 degrees. The program is figuring it out. It is figuring it out through fahrenheit = ((9.0/5.0)*(celsius)) + 32. This section is doing the calculations/figuring it out for you. To go from 0 to 100 you should not give it a range of 100. Give it a range of 100 and see what happens. The way you have it is fine. It goes from 0c to 100c every 10 degrees.

6 years ago
OpenStudy (heisenberg):

Your program is not wrong, as MathDoodler said. But if you want to do it one less step, the range function allows you to give it a step, which tells it how much it goes up by each time. def main(): for celsius in range(0,101,10): fahrenheit = ((9.0/5.0)*(celsius)) + 32 print celsius,"C is equal to", fahrenheit,"F" If you wanted to go in increments of 4, you would just change the range function to: range(0,101,4)

6 years ago
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