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Anibal was a general or a Roman Emperor?

1 year ago
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Are you talking about Hannibal? I think you have some things confused here. First off, Hannibal was not a Roman leader, he was the son of a former Carthaginian army leader and become a military leader of the Carthaginian army himself. His full name was, "Hannibal of Carthage." In other words, he a was a Punic military general, not a roman military general. His greatest exploits were leading an attack upon Olcades and forcing their surrender, defeating a coalition of various Spanish tribes led by an infamous foe, and successfully conducting a siege upon Saguntum, a city recently allied with Rome. Hannibal greatly increased the power and range of the Punic army during the era of the Second Punic War (did not take part in the first) however he decided he would not try to take over Rome, I forgot the reason as to why. I believe the war ended in Carthaginian victory however another threat soon arose and he decided to go into voluntary exile. I cannot remember much about Hannibal but hopefully this small summary of his life helps you out.

1 year ago
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