OpenStudy (evansanchez):

Match the following items. 1. searched for the Fountain of Youth Coronado 2. discovered the Mississippi River Father Kino 3. explored southwestern America for Spain Father Serra 4. established St. Augustine De Soto 5. founded Santa Fe Portola 6. began missions in Arizona Piralta 7. founder of Spanish California Ponce de Leon 8. established San Diego Menendez

1 year ago
OpenStudy (mhchen):

This isn't math? Maybe you can figure out the answer by googling it instead.

1 year ago
OpenStudy (mathmale):

what's important here is that YOU learn how to find YOUR OWN answersthrough independent research. I agree that googling each of the names of the historical figures will most likely provide you with summaries of what each man has accomplished, enabling you to match names with actions.

1 year ago
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